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Over the years, I’ve seen some very "interesting" wardrobe choices. ;)

Auditioning for MOM role: Low cut tight micro mini dress and stilettos with full make-up & hair.

Auditioning for DAD role. Hungover, greasy-haired & rumpled, walk of shame clothes from the night before, pores oozing alcohol.

Auditioning for BUSINESSMAN in T-shirt and shorts.

Auditioning for Corporate Executive in Lululemon

You get the idea! Hey, we all make unfortunate choices from time to time, and Not coming to your audition in the appropriate wardrobe is a choice. It’s a choice that hinders your audition. Whoever is watching your audition will need to get past the distraction of what you are wearing. Essentially, it’s putting up a barrier. Ask yourself Why you are auditioning? To book the job, right? HERE’S THE THING Your audition is a Job Interview. It’s that simple. Bring your professional game to the table. The right clothes will help you to look and feel the part. It’s an easy way for you to get into character and channel your inner “Doctor”, “Chef”, “Construction Worker”, “Daddy”, “Mommy” etc. Keep a “Magic Trunk” in your closet or car. Fill it with a selection of clothing that could come in handy. After speaking with your agent, you should have a good idea about what kinds of roles you will be going out for. Choosethings youu are comfortable in and have a little “you” in them. That way, when you are in the room showing us your stuff, you will feel like the clothes are a part of you. Stack the deck in your favour by having great wardrobe choices for your auditions. Here are a few wardrobe ideas to get you thinking:

  • Construction Worker – Toolbelt, hard hat, worn jeans, mackinaw

  • Doctor/Nurse – lab coat, stethoscope, clipboard, scrubs

  • Mommy –Casual, Blouse and Khakis or skirt, flats or runners

  • Daddy –Casual, Jeans/casual pants and shirt, runners

  • Business Man /Rich Man – Expensive-looking suit and shoes. Watch. Tie. Seriously Groomed!

  • Business Woman/Rich Woman – Great lookingGreat-looking suit and shoes – can be pants, skirt or a great tailored dress. Refined makeup and hair. Minimal jewellery. Pulled together.

Thrifting and Consignment shopping are so in vogue these days. You can easily find clothes that suit your style and budget. Have fun with it! Your wardrobe choices affect how Clients, Directors and Agency execs see you. You want to give them all the help you can! You want them to watch your tape and SEE you in that role! You want them to make a checkmark in their notes and bring you in for callbacks! Note: If you get a callback, make sure to wear the same thing you wore for your audition…continuity is key; plus, it worked for you the first time - don’t break the spell! HERE’S SOME OF THE TERMINOLOGY USED TO DESCRIBE YOUR AUDITION WARDROBE Business or Spokesperson: Women, tailored dress or suit; Guys, suit and tie or trousers and shirt Trendy: Usually for the younger crowd, 20-30ish. What’s currently hot right now? Have fun with your hair and clothing. Hip. Cool. Current. Confident. Maybe with a little edge. Have a little fun with it.

Uniforms: Get as close as you can to what that person would wear for work. Fireman, Doctors, Nurses, Bus Drivers, Policemen. If you don’t have the actual uniform, you can cheat a bit by wearing a shirt or blouse of the appropriate colour. Get creative. Thrift stores are excellent places to find used uniforms, scrubs, etc.

Casual: Clothes you would wear hanging out with your friends at home or for a walk in the park. Low key. Jeans and T’s, sweaters. Sneakers, sandals, flats. Think the Gap, Old Navy Upscale Casual: Higher-end than casual. Think Date Night or Dinner out with friends. You’ve made a little extra effort. You are well-groomed and pulled together. You are comfortable and fabulous. Think Banana Republic, Scoop Aritzia, Oak and Fort. Guys - dress pants and shirt – maybe a jacket, dress shoes. Gals – nice dress or blouse and skirt, nice flats or easy heels. Outdoors: Seasonal – dress for the season requested, but basically jeans, sweaters, denim, wool shirts and jackets, layers, hiking boots Formal: Get your GORGEOUS on! Gowns or cocktail dresses, Black Tie, Tuxedo’s, Dressy. Full Makeup and Hair for the women, Seriously groomed for the guys. Sports: Whatever the role calls for that is sports specific. Do a little world wide web research for ideas. Baseball, equestrian, yoga, skiing. Alternative: Stand out from the mainstream. This will mean different things to different folks. If you’ve got tat’s, show ‘em. Piercings? Show those as well. Get funky with your hair and accessories. There’s room to be creative here…give us your version. A FEW MORE TIPS: Colours & Patterns: Tones that enhance your skin and light up your face. Know what colors look good on you. Avoid stripes, busy patterns and shiny fabric. They can make the camera go wiggy. Dark colors can make make you look washed out as they don’t reflect the light. Bright colors can be fun, as well as pale pinks and blues. It really is an individual thing, and what makes a dark skin person pop will be different than someone whose skin is more pale. No Logos!! Accessories: Girls, no noisy bracelets or flashy earrings…keep your jewellery to a minimum and let us see You shining through. Always bring a hair tie into the audition if you have long hair (put on your wrist) so that you can quickly give us another look if your hair is down. If it is already up, be prepared to let it down. Guys & Gals, there's more room for nose rings and piercings these days, but it will never hurt you to remove them, unless we are asking for an alternative look. Same goes for Tattoos. Note: Guys, if you have a beard, it is always nice to say in your slate that you will remove it for the role. If you are unable because you are on hold for another job, or are working on another job, you can note this on your casting sheet.

Fit: Wear clothes that fit your body. Nothing too tight or too baggy. If your clothes are too tight, they can be distracting and unflattering; too baggy and we can’t See you! Your clothing should be comfortable for you so that you are not constantly thinking about it, tugging and pulling or trying to hold your breath! Don’t let an uncomfortable wardrobe rob you of your focus. *Note– Just to be clear. I am not talking about costumes here. No need to go All the way! That’s for the wardrobe stylist if you book the job. There is no way to really know the client’s vision. What you are doing is giving the viewer a Nod to what they are looking for. Presenting yourself in such a way that they can see the character you are auditioning for. Your wardrobe is a suggestion…what you do on camera is the magic that pulls it all together! LAST MINUTE CRAZY! Sometimes you will go to an audition and the role will have changed. If you have a couple of choices with you, you can easily recover and slip into something more role appropriate if you need to. Of course, you can’t bring along a Rolling Rack everywhere with you, but you can be ready to make quick little changes if need be! Moral of the story? Make sure you know what your wardrobe should be. If your agent hasn't said anything, please Ask!

Good luck everyone, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will get back to you! We are in this Together! In Gratitude, Deb Casting/Coach/Mentor Vancouver Casting

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