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Intensive commercial Workshop 

Intensive commercial Workshop 

SUNDAY, JULY 3rd, 11-5
Hosted by Casting Director Deb Barnes &  Actor/Director Jordan Waunch



For Grads of Levels 1 & 2, or Beginner Actors looking to expand their skills.
If you are unsure if this Workshop is a good fit for you, please contact us before you sign up.

Are you Booking your Commercial Auditions?

Are you getting callbacks?
Yes? Brilliant, you’re halfway there!
Getting callbacks, but not booking?
Not booking as often as you’d like?

If you are at this stage and frustrated, please don’t give up hope!
You’re further ahead than 80% of actors who want to work in commercials.
Casting Directors love you and keep bringing you in because you DO have that certain something.

Confidence and skill are what booking actors share above all else.
Work on perfecting those skills so you shine no matter what scenario is thrown at you.

Practice, experience, and confidence in your skills are the keys to booking!

We are here to help you get there.
Here's what we'll cover in this very focused, very intensive 6 hours.

IMPROV and how having the ability to be nuanced on the fly is pure gold.
Get out of yourself, play with characters, and banter with your fellow actors.
Your auditions will become more natural, nuanced and easier to book!

Advanced MoCap (Motion Capture)
MoCap is big in Vancouver.
There are specific do's and don'ts you need to know to have strong MoCap auditions.
We'll review, discuss, and put you on tape enacting real-life examples of MoCap for video games. Hint: There’s a ton to learn and it’s a Blast!

Advanced Commercial Script:
Test your mettle and skillset with a pro-level commercial script that demands several takes of different variations. Scenes will be put on tape and reviewed in class. Not all scripts are a walk in the park!

Making the Camera Work for you:
Blocking, Camera technique, Tricks of the trade & Self-tapes.
Work behind the camera! Shoot your partner's scene in class!
Knowing firsthand what the camera needs to see will forever change the way you audition.

By the end of this class, you'll be ready for any curve ball comin' at ya when you audition, and you’re going to be confident as Heck!


See you there!

Much love,


Casting Director / VC


Sunday July 3rd, 11am - 5pm
10 / 10 Spots Left

If the information you are looking for is not listed above, please contact Deborah HERE.

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