Beginners Commercial Workshop 

Beginners Commercial Workshop 

Saturday March 27th, 11am to 2pm
Hosted by Casting Directors Deb & Murdine with Special Guest Talent Agent Amanda Jones
Adults 16+ Only Please
  • Understand how commercials come about, and your part as an actor and team member.
  • Getting your audition, callbacks and booking.

  • Get a behind the scenes look at Castingworkbook – what we see and how we choose you.

  • How to have the best chance to be seen again and again.

  • Discussion of scripts to be handed out at end of session.


We both share hilarious anecdotes of our experiences, both good and bad to help the learning stick!


Hear from one of Vancouver’s top Talent Agents and solid booking commercial actor, Amanda Jones.  

Amanda will speak of how to get an agent, how to work with your agent, responsibilities as an actor, how to bring your A game, Covid protocols, on set etiquette and much more.  


There will be lots of time for Q&A for both Murdine and I, as well as Amanda.

Everyone will be given 4 scripts with notes on each.  

You will choose 2 scripts to be performed in person in the studio on Day 2.  

Murdine and I will both be there to offer personal coaching and feedback. 

You will be given an audition time at the end of Day 1.





Come to Studio 3 Media at your given audition time (sorry, no time changes, please make sure you are able to come between 11am and 4pm).


In the Studio, please wear your mask. Studio is set up with hand sanitizer and distancing protocols. To respect the safety of everyone, please come no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your audition time, and leave directly after.  Should anyone else be at the studio, please respect social distancing.

Once there, we will have paperwork for you and then you will come in for your audition with Murdine and I. 

You will perform the 2 scripts you have chosen - one SOC and one with dialogue.  You will have the opportunity for a few takes as well as direction, feedback & questions. 

All auditions will be on zoom so that you can learn from each other.  All auditions will be recorded, so you can review later. 

The day will end with a Zoom wrap up with Murdine and I, with comments on your auditions and any last notes or questions.

We are really excited about this workshop.  At 8 hours total + guest speaker, it will offer much more than our original workshop with the added kick of having a one-on-one audition with 2 casting directors. 

We’re gonna have a blast!  Please join us.

XO Deb

$250 + GST.

Space for this Workshop is limited.


This workshop is non-refundable. We require seven days notice in the event you cannot make it.

Your credit may be applied to future workshops. . 

DAY TWO: In Studio One-on-One (well ... One-on-Two!)
Sunday March 28th, 11am top 4pm
STEP ONE: Buy Now Using PayPal OR Sending an E-Transfer to Deborah Barnes


STEP TWO: Confirm Your Spot by Emailing Deb Your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS (for Zoom Link), and PHONE NUMBER.
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